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Top 5 Most Underrated Hijabi Essentials


I didn’t want to just list the top 5 and be done. I also want to chit-chat about why they’re so essential. I don’t know what else I can say so I’m just going to jump right in.


  1. Collars– Almost every single one of my tops has a wide collar that a hijab just won’t cover. I wear one these almost every day. These are very similar to the ones I have.

IMG_5558I found this one at Love Culture. I love wearing it because I don’t have to worry about creasing or twisting underneath. It’s basically just a short sleeve cropped top.


  1. Sleeves– They don’t need much explaining. Who wants to wear a whole shirt just to cover your forearm. Sleeves. Done. I got most of mine from overseas but there are some good options here and hereIMG_5601
  2. UnderscarvesThese are so under-rated! They have the power to change the look of an entire outfit. That little peekaboo color underneath a scarf can make or break an it. Maybe I’m being a little dramatic, but I try to avoid looking matchy-matchy and that little piece of fabric can make the difference.
  3. IMG_5564Long Sleeve T-Shirts– Sometimes, though, you kind of need that entire undershirt. If I have forearms and neck to cover, I’ll just double layer with a long sleeve shirt. I get mine from Gap, Old Navy, H&M, or Target. Because I wear them out so often, I just go where there’s a sale. IMG_5585IMG_5594
  4. Ninjas– These are amazing! I live in them in the winter. I throw one on, top it with a hat, add a scarf around my neck and voila! In the warmer months, I wear them when I’m going for a turban style hijab. They’re just easy wear and I don’t have to layer much. I have a few from Unique Hijabs. Also, Ummah Couture has similar ones.

That’s my list! However, if I really wanted to get technical I wouldn’t be able to go on without mentioning pins! Talk about necessity.

Hope you enjoyed.

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