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Fool-Proof Friday: Part 2


I made a post about formulating an outfit a few weeks ago. This is another formula that I typically go for when I’m looking for something a bit more sophisticated. At the same time, it can be dressy or casual. So the formula goes:

  1. Choose a top and bottom of your choice
  2. Pair it with a button-up shirt underneath
  3. Add a necklace

003 021

Black and white is so classic. This outfit is timeless! I just wanted to add little pop of color in the hijab and keep it simple. The contrast speaks for itself.


This outfit is more suited for every day. Instead of a white button-up I paired the sweater with a chambray shirt. I like to do a turban-style hijab just to have the collar show better.


Again, versatility is my thing. I can use this formula with a cardigan, a shirt, a sweater. Works with all colors. I can dress it up with some nice slacks, or keep it casual with some jeans and flats, as you see above. Hope you enjoyed reading!

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