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My Travel Routine


In honor of a little extended weekend getaway, I thought I would share with you what I do to get myself ready for travel.



The first thing I do when I know I’m going on vacation is diet. Let’s face it, who watches what they eat while vacationing?? I try to keep the weight gain to a minimal by compensating beforehand. So, I’ll cut down on carbs and have a lot of grilled chicken salads for dinner

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Second is skincare. I want to look like I’m on vacation before I even get to the airport. I wax, cleanse, exfoliate my skin really well. I moisturize and use my undereye cream every night. The night before, I use Mario Badescu Silver Powder, then, go in with an old school Biore strip. I find it makes a huge difference.  Going with a fresh face means I don’t have much build up on my skin so, if I skip out on skincare while on vacation, I can afford it.

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As far as packing, I don’t like over doing it. I try to bring things that will mix and match. I, basically, have an idea of what I’m going to wear and go through my closet and pick it all out. I throw in a pair of heels for fancy outings, and sneakers for daytime play with kids.

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I pack my top 5 from a previous post, and no matter what, I always pack all my basic color underscarves, sleeves, neck covers, ninjas, and cotton turtlenecks. It’s so easy to overlook those small pieces and be down an entire outfit, which is not ideal when I’ve only packed a minimum number of outfits to begin with.


Lastly, have to make sure the little people in my life have plenty to stay occupied with on the plane ride. Because aint no nobody likes a crying baby on the plane!

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