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Hijab Tutorial: Amira Turban Twist


I remember one day, I was looking for a solid brown hijab and couldn’t find one in my entire closet. The closest thing was a brown Amira Hijab. From there, I discovered a whole new world of hijab styling. Finally, I found a way to repurpose my huge collection of amira hijabs, that mostly just sat and collected dust. I played around with them and created a bunch of new styles. Here’s the first of many!



  1. Step one. Start with the underpiece connected to a turtleneck.034
  2. Hold the seam to the front038
  3. Put the hijab on with the seam facing forward and the bigger opening upwards039
  4. Stretch it out to both side. (I’m way too excited about this tutorial)041
  5. Bring the center to the front and tug at the seam to straighten it out.044
  6. Hold out from the side045
  7. Start twisting by bringing the fabric to the back046047049
  8. Keep twisting backwards by bringing the fabric in front towards the back, working with both hands.051052
  9. Pin the leftover tail in the back and tuck it under the hijab054
  10. Bring the twist forward to cover the seam from the front.


There you go! Simple, trendy,easy hijab style.  Stay tuned for more…

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  1. Cool! I never thought of doing this super idea!