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Top 5 Clothing Must-Haves


These items are the most basic and essential pieces in my closet. They’re not the most glamorous or standout pieces, however, one way or another, I need them to complete any outfit. They work together or separately with other pieces. They just make the life of a hijabi a lot easier.


  1. Solid long tank tops- They’re so awesome for throwing on with jeans or slacks or anything. I love them so much. They can be dressed up or down and look so easy and effortless. These are great options.
  2. Maxi skirt or dresses- I wear these almost every day in spring and summer. Here’s a good one from Zara (my favorite store ever). They’re so functional to throw on with a cardigan or cropped jacket, which brings me to my next Must-Have…                                                                                                                                                   037
  3. Cropped  Jacket- Anything that is structured and cropped, like a denim or moto jacket. I love wearing these with my long tanks and jeans or maxi dresses. They look great and bring balance and structure to an outfit. Love this one and this one.                                          011
  4. White button up shirt- White button up shirts are so amazing! I love rocking one on its own with jeans and an awesome turban. Or especially under sweater dresses in the colder months. Instantly gives the outfit sophistication. Cannot say enough good things about a good white button up!  I also love the effortless vibe of this one.                                                                                                                               032
  5. Cardigans- this one is probably the most obvious. Who doesn’t own cardigans? Long ones, cropped ones, with buttons, flowy ones. Cannot have enough or enough colors. A complete must-have. I don’t know about you, but not that many tops I come across are long sleeved. The easiest way to cover up and look amazing is, simply, a cardigan. I recently purchased this one and I’m keeping an eye out for a super long one like this.

These are my top 5 clothing items, I’m also planning on sharing another top 5 list. That one will be a little different but also along the lines of essential pieces that are rarely mention but deserve more attention.  Hope you enjoyed reading!

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