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The Fool-Proof Friday Series


If you’re like me and sometimes can’t seem to find anything to wear, then this series is for you. I will try to help you navigate the closet to pick outfits that look put together no matter the occasion. Simply follow the formula and you’ll end up with a decent look. If you’re interested then, keep reading!

My first go-to formula:

  1. Monochromatic top and bottom
  2. Add a cropped jacket or cardigan for a pop of color or edge
  3. Statement necklace with a turban hijab or just a simple hijab

I’ve been doing this for so long. It looks effortless and passes the test of time.  The type of jacket or cardigan can be changed in accordance with what’s in at the moment.

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This look is perfect for when I’m going out at night and I want to look a bit chic with some edge. I just go for darker colors and a moto style cropped jacket.


When it’s spring/summer and I’m going for a softer look, I pick white and add a flowy cardigan. It’s so fresh and fun.


Here, the outfit is the exact same but I just swapped out the jacket and shoes. I ended up with a completely different look. Just goes to show how versatile this formula can be!


I love wearing my cropped cargo jacket for an edgy daytime look. I just paired it with black top and bottom.

There are so many variations I could have featured. It really is fool-proof. Just switching one thing up can achieve a totally different outfit. I can go for a maxi skirt and grey cardigan and get a very laid back look, or add a blazer to make it work appropriate.

Hope you enjoyed reading!

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  1. Exactly what I needed, a formula!!!

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  3. Love this! Good job 7abibty